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Photos from untitled album


Photos from untitled album

Few photos from last sunny days.

Mikkel had pretty good bang – he over shot the landing by 30 feet and got pretty hammered, but he is okay.

We found this wicked ice thing, that we had little session.

Mikkel doing some meditation

get out of my face bloody sheep

the gang – curtes, mark, tim, mikkel and juice box

the hole

what a privilege to have a heli lunch in the epic mountains.

Mikkel ripping

9 August, 2011 05:33

New Zealand

We for little scenic drive on the way to the mountains, it’s so epic here

Mikkael Bang

Apparently this happen when they had the massive earth quakes in February – all that land fell in to the ocean.

bang bang

This is where we drove to – it was just a private farm and we just drove straight into it. Talked to the farmer there and he was super chill. Pretty epic to have a private bay like this, there was some waves as well.