how to build a sweat lodge

We are staying the woods, deep in B.C mountains. We build a wicked sweat lodge here behind our house, it’s so nice after long day of sledding and snowboarding!

First – you find the right spot. 2 trees close together is ideal. it depends how big you want to build it- but smaller it is, better it will work.

frame work – you can use nails or rope to tie the frame.

Wrap the tarp over the frame – we used 3 big tarps so it’s nice a sealed.

Find some big solid rocks and make a fire on top of the them and get them cooking! Once they all red, transfer the rocks with the shovel in to the sweat lodge in to a little pit.

You are set! poor some water on to the rocks and a bit of eucalyptus and you are grooving!


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