Eagle pass Heli

Here is a few photos from last 2 days in Revolstoke, Eagle pass Heli – Some really fun riding. Airline lost my bags, So i had to lend all my gear and got some wicked stiff boots – but good times grooving anyways!

Mu and Mikey

heli lunch, hot soup is a treat!

Jussi, first little hit of the trip – tons of fun little pillows everywhere

Shin Campos, Great shredder and our guide on our trip

Mikey’s pillow jam from today

Tim Manning – trying figure out how to buckle his seat belt

Mu – major slash action

We found this spot this after noon- crazy pillow zone – there was like 25 foot holes after every rock, it was sort sketchy little zone.

Our hotel – it’s pretty random / looks like disney land – but it has this chost town on the middle of the hotel. sort of creepy


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