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torrey pines

Here is few pics from Torrey Pines Course where i played with Big Alan, Zoe’s paps – Sick course, but it sucks to play when you have 200 yard drives. I played good 3 figures


dvs shoot

Few classic photos from the DVS shoot

about to eat shit -Jussi, Mikey, larson and Brisse

Best still ever


Burlington visit

Hello – just heading home from Burlington. We came here for the company meeting and the jakes bash – It was great to see everyone, see the new factory and play some golf and jake’s “little” party was pretty crazy. There was probably over thousand people, all the houses were open to everyone, people playing basketball in his living room and we played dodge ball all night in his basement indoor soccer field – it was pretty insane. Have to respect Burton;s to open their doors like that to everyone!

JG ‘ showing around the new factory and all the cool things that they are working on. These guys are killing it. Now we can pretty much get a board we want and have it out of the door the next day,sweet!

KP did surprise visit at the company meeting – It was so nice to see him and see him doing so well, what an inspiration!

played golf with zack, ivar and adam – zack has been popping something, he was hitting close to 300 yard drives!

Good old friend Ivar – it was great to hang and drink irish coffees, it was bloody freezing at the golf course!