Last day in Bariloche

Last day shooting in Bariloche, we woke up in pow -soon we heard that it has snowed 1.5 meters of snow in the mountains and the lifts were closed. We headed up anyways to see and yes there was ton of snow and a few short lifts open. It was a shame that we couldn’t get any higher to get some dry snow, we tried to hike -but the ski patrol shut us down, so we just took one run down and hit a few little things on the way. It was so fun though, just getting speed on the cat track and just sent it off cannon balls in the pow as it was soooo deep. Great last day, we had an awesome trip and great crew – nothing but good times, but looking forward heading home as well. Enjoy few months of summer before its go time again.

This dog was so bummed, he had all this frozen snow balls stuck in his tail:)

Dean “Blotto” Gray in Action, this guy doesn’t mess around!

Blotto and Cory

Mikey Rench grooving over the trees, beauty!

There are all these school kids from around south america, some of them never seen snow before – they rent these suits so they are all matching and walk around like bunch of penguins and wonder around the hill, so classic.


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