Burton AK/ Gore-Tex shoot

Just got back from Philadelphia, we had Burton AK /Gore-Tex photo shoot in their facility -They gave us a full tour and showed how Gore-Tex gets made in the first place to level of testing all the product needs to go through before it can go out to the stores.

The Gore guys took us straight to the Flyers games, It was pretty intense – Flyers won 4-2 to Canadiens / Locals pretty much lost their minds how happy they were

This is the mineral where the Gore-Tex is made out of – they make this powder from it and that turns in to the Gore-Tex in different applications

I always thought the Gore-Tex was only in fabrics – but it’s used in from cables to nasa space suits

Natahsa in the rain room – All the Gore Fabrics has to pass this water proof test, half an hour in the rain room before it gets approved

They also have hundreds of washing machines where they test fabrics for durability, the fabrics gets washed over 500 hours to make sure that it’s legit. I didn’t know this, that you should wash Gore-Tex outwear in the washing machine here and there. I always thought that it will ruin the fabric.

This morning when i got back – went to look for surf and there was this guy on the battle board – he was battling with dolphins , they just kept cruising around him for ever – so cool.


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