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It’s been mad dumping everywhere, so i have been just catching up with family and hanging with my kids. I was gonna go up to BC today, but it’s not looking so good.

Went for quick surf today in 6 foot wind swell. there was one other guy out there, that tells how good it was 🙂 always fun to go in the water though.

Not much beach left here these days


couple snaps on the way home

These are in san diego -Blotto always has the best pics from the plane, check em out


crazy day

It was meant to be all sunny, but we had this weird milk layer hanging for while, so we were just chilling – doing bits and pieces. Then we decided to head down and all the sudden we were hearing all this stuff on the radio – we need help, call 911 but it kept hanging up. so we headed back up to the alpine and found out that our filmier hayden had broken his leg in sledding in to this hole. We had the heli come down to get him and the rescue guy asked if it was about the head injury, checked the leg and said that he will be back while he goes to get a girl who had called about head injury. when he came back to get Hayden, we found out that Marie france roy had broken her neck.
Such a heavy day.

The media crew – Mike, Joe, Aaron and Hayden

everyone shooting everyone

Joe has gone to the dark side

Hayden getting wrapped – The guy wanted to take hayden’s boots out and told me to hold the leg and while he was pulling the boot, i could feel the bone moving back and forward, it felt
so wrong. He was such a trooper, obviously in mad pain – but just handling it like a man

Annie blew her tire, felt like the day was never ending…


day off

We had a few days off now, it’s been snowing and today just cloudy – went to get Devun’s trailer, axel broke down and it’s been sitting in the ditch for a while. We needed 8 dudes to lift it on to another trailer.
after that we went to Anthony’s ranch to fix trucks and sleds. He showed us this sick cabin in his property that this guy used to live.

This guy lived in this small cabin, super sick set up -pretty much just lived off the land. he build his own bullets and everything, hunted his food etc. living the life in the woods, the best.

The house has been empty about 7 years now, everything is still exactly the same when he used to live there – book and coffee cup on the table

socks draw

this is where he build his bullets


21 March, 2010 00:42

I found this jump earlier this year, but i was too scared to hit it. I showed it to Mark and he was down to hit it, so him and Alex went for it – i was impressed! Me and Iikka finished the jump early morning and we rolled over to
check out the scene. They already hit it a few times and it just looked ridiculous. Mark stomped and asked me if i wanted to give it a go as i found the jump- This was by far the sketchiest jump i ever hit in my life. Snowmobile toe in, into this sketchy take off, you come short you are done into a landing that has two holes both sides and the snow was terrible, it just didn’t seem right. We both got a shot and we are live!


after riding work out


20 March, 2010 05:14

Another good day in the bag

Devun and Colin working magics, check out his photos from

Forum fellows were jumping next door – it was great to see these guys ripping, jake and john

Iikka’s donkey boots

iikka’s board

Devun’s last night, wicked stuff